Celbux Wages

No more cash handling or expensive electronic payments. Save time and money with the new innovative Wage pay out technology from Celbux. Pay out wages in two easy steps, transfer money to your Celbux account and pay out your wages at no cost to you.

Cashless Wage pay outs are received directly into a Celbux Wallet on employees or casual workers cell phone, allowing them to immediately spend, withdraw or transfer money to family and friends, using only their cell phone.


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Pay out Wages

Celbux Benefits - Employer

No wage pay out fee
  • Save cash management, administration.
  • Save on bank charges by paying out wages from your Celbux account daily, weekly, monthly
No cash handling
  • Risk free, convenient, cashless wage pay out
Less administration
  • No need to pre-register employees. Celbux automatically opens a Celbux Wallet for employees when money is sent.
  • No need for employees to have or open a bank account.
  • An employee only has to maintain a cell phone number.
More benefits
  • Employees with existing bank accounts can transfer money from their Celbux Wallet to their bank account.
  • Payouts can be in the form of cash or spend vouchers such as a Grocery or Pharmacy Voucher.


Wage earner receives money into Celbux account


Spend at retailers & merchants


Send money to someone else’s cell phone


Buy airtime and data


Transfer money to own bank account


Withdraw cash at retailer

Celbux Benefits – Wage Earner

Celbux Wallet - Free and Convenient
  • Save on bank charges by receiving wage into your Celbux Wallet account
  • Save on bank charges when spending or sending money
  • Spend at all major retailers, pharmacies, fast food stores and many more
  • Use money in Celbux Wallet, no need to first draw cash at ATM or incur card fees
  • Buy airtime and data anywhere directly from your Celbux Wallet during any time
  • No need to carry around cash
  • Secure wallet account
Send Money Free and Convenient
  • Send money to anyone anywhere in SA for free, directly from your cell phone to their cell phone.
Only Pay on Cash Withdrawal
  • Withdraw cash at all major retailers (R9 fee for withdrawal up to R3,000)
  • Transfer money from your Celbux Wallet to your bank account
    (R9 fee, internet access required)


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